Online Resources

For Mental Health.

 A bewildering array of resources to support mental health may be found on-line. The Australian Government has created a site called Head to Health which is a good first step to finding credible online resources to support mental health. Some forms of therapy can even be undertaken or supported on-line. The following are some of our favourite links.

Resources to support recovery

Therapy Resources

Here you will find a small collection of resources to support mental health recovery 

Supporting therapy

This was the first on-line e-therapy site in the world developed by Richard Lakeman and Wayne Froggatt.

Beyond blue

 Provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live. The focus is on high prevalence problems such as anxiety and depression.

The black dog institute

 The Black Dog Institute is dedicated to understanding, preventing and treating mental illness. It's primary focus is research and research translation


The national youth mental health foundation dedicated to improving the well-being of young Australians. As well as useful resources and fact sheets for young people and families young people (aged 12-25) can access online or telephone counselling via eheadspace.


Project Air is all things to do with personality disorders (for want of a better term). The fact sheets and strategies for families and carers are second to none.