Psychotherapy, clinical supervision, case consultation and consultancy to support mental health recovery

working4recovery provides integrative and trauma focused psychotherapy and counselling (via zoom) and mental health consultancy, training and clinical supervision via zoom or face-to-face. Confidential psychotherapeutic services can be provided on-line.


Psychotherapy / Counselling

Dr Richard Lakeman has post-graduate training and experience in a range of psychotherapeutic approaches including CBT, DBT, ACT, EMDR, solution focused, narrative and family therapy.

Richard has adapted established 'evidence-based' psychotherapeutic approaches to working with people with extraordinary experiences and who may have diagnosed psychiatric conditions. Because of Dr Lakeman's depth of training in multiple therapeutic techniques he is able to practice integrative psychotherapy. That is he can draw from multiple therapeutic techniques and theories to create a comprehensive and personalised treatment plan for an individual or family. The approach to starting therapy is to develop a collaborative alliance with clients over several sessions and to arrive at the best formulation to explain the presenting problem, what precipitated and perpetuates it and crucially how to resolve the problem or situation. Read more

Consultancy & Training

 Dr Richard Lakeman is an accomplished trainer, public speaker, author and researcher.

He has published over 120 peer reviewed papers, numerous books and well over 100,000 people have read his work on researchgate. He has provided consultation and training to numerous organisations related to mental health recovery, psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic approaches and therapeutic programmes. He has most recently developed a 15 day therapeutic group programme entitled, 'Restoration of a sense of safety & Resourcing for Recovery' (R&R) for the AVIVE group of private psychiatric hospitals. 

Clinical Supervision / Case Consultancy

Clinical supervision is a formal and structured process in which a more experienced and qualified professional provides guidance, support, and oversight to a less experienced individual in a clinical or therapeutic field. It is a crucial component of professional development, ensuring that the supervisee (often referred to as the "clinician" or "supervisee") receives feedback, education, and support to enhance their clinical skills, ethical decision-making, and overall competence in their role.

Dr Richard Lakeman has developed, provided training and led the evaluation of models of 'peer group' supervision which are self-sustaining. He has also had considerable experience providing individual clinical supervision to people wishing to develop their skills and capacity in delivering psychotherapeutic services such as motivational interviewing or dialectical behaviour therapy, working with particular groups e.g. people who may be homeless, or have complex needs, or more broadly to assist with role development. Richard meets with supervisees regularly via zoom for a contracted period of time (minimally one hour per month) at a mutually agreed time. Download a Flyer.

Dr Richard Lakeman can also provide regular or 'one off' case consultations. Case consultation is a collaborative process in which a professional seeks advice, guidance, or expertise from colleagues or experts in a particular field to help them better understand and address a specific case or clinical situation. It is a common practice in various healthcare and therapeutic professions and is used to enhance decision-making, improve treatment outcomes, and ensure the highest level of care for clients or patients. Dr Richard Lakeman typically promotes a systemic model for case consultation.  

working4recovery was founded in 2007 by Richard Lakeman in order support various research, educational and advocacy projects relating to mental health promotion and recovery. Drawing on over thirty years of work, teaching, researching, leading and directly providing mental health and recovery focused services in New Zealand, Australia and Ireland, working4recovery is pleased to offer psychotherapy to individuals and families, consultancy services to the mental health industry and clinical supervision to individuals and groups. 

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Richard Lakeman commenced created in Far North Queensland in Australia and has since lived and worked in Townsville, the Republic of Ireland, Cairns, the Gold Coast and latterly in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales.  Richard is presently living adjacent to Mooball National Park near Stokers Siding and 

Working4recovery specialises in providing "off the grid" counselling and debriefing to professionals who experience vicarious trauma through their work.  Download a flyer