Dealing with death

in the homeless sector



This site contains resources relating to dealing with the death of service users.

These resources are based on a research project undertaken in 2009 / 2010 in which a grounded theory was developed. The research reports are available here:

Lakeman, R. (2010). Maintaining wellbeing when a service user dies. The British Journal of Wellbeing, 1(2), 28-33.

Lakeman, R. (2011). How homeless sector workers deal with the death of service users: A grounded theory study, Journal of Death Studies, 35(10), 925-948

Dealing with death in the homeless sector: Quotations and questions relating to death and trauma in the homeless sector. This short document (9 pages) may be suitable as a 'handout'.
Expecting the unexpected - A 16 minute high definition streaming video in which homeless sector workers discuss their experiences.
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